Letters from the Blaues Haus

Breisach, December 22, 2004

Dear Members and Friends,

The last few weeks in the Blue House have really been exciting. We have had visits from four different local school classes, for lessons about the history of the Blue House and the Jews in Breisach, as well as Jewish customs and the holiday of Chanukah. The students, ranging from age 14 to 16, were very enthusiastic, and had a good time touring the house, seeing a small exhibition about the Bähr Family and working on group projects. For me, it was a lot of fun having having their young and fresh presence in the house, and understanding more about what young people in Germany know and how they think about the Holocaust. It was also personally a triumph for me to lead whole lessons entirely in the German language.

I would like to present you with a couple of comments we received from the students after their visits:

„Für mich war es sehr interessant! Ich habe ganz viel gelernt! Es war auch sehr traurig. Man kann sich das nicht vorstellen! Zum Glück bin ich jetzt in dieser Zeit geboren und nicht in der Kriegszeit. Ich danke Gott! Ich kann nicht verstehen, dass Menschen so fies sein können. Die armen Menschen!“

“For me it was really interesting! I learned so much! It was also very sad. One cannot imagine! I am lucky to have born in current times and not during the war. I thank G-d! I cannot understand, how anyone could be so cruel. Those poor people!”

„Das Blaue Haus hat mir richtig gut gefallen besonders die ganze Plakate und Bilder. Das tut mir wirklich leid das es den Juden passiert ist aber jetzt ist ja alles wieder gut und das freut mich wirklich.”

“I really liked the Blue House, especially the exhibition and pictures. I am so sorry about what happened to the Jews, but I am very glad that everything is once again ok.”

„Ich fand es toll, dass Sie sich für uns Zeit genommen haben. Ich habe noch nie was über Juden gelernt und fand das sehr interessant. Das mit Familie Bähr fand ich sehr schockieren mit dem Mädchen, dass nur drei Jahre alt wurde. Thank you for all!”

I found it great that you took time for us. I never learned anything about Jews and found it really interesting. I also found myself so shocked about the Familie Bähr and the little girl who was only 3 years old [when she was killed]. Thank you for all!”

„Es war sehr interessant und lehrreich den Tag hier zu verbringen. Ich würde gern noch einmal vorbeischauen, vielleicht noch einmal mit der ganzen Schule.“

“It was really interesting and informative to spend the day here. I would really like to come back again, perhaps with the entire school.”

This is just a sample of some of the feedback we have gotten from the school visits, and are very pleased to be making even a small impact on the students. After the New Year, we plan to invite many more groups and expand the diversity of our lessons, and we are really looking forward building up the Blue House’s reputation as an educational center.

I wish you all a happy holiday season and a great New Year.


Sharyn Elise Jackson