Christiane Walesch-Schneller.


Dear Christiane,

I was born in Coventry, England in 1923 of Jewish parents. My lovely ancient city was completely destroyed in the Blitskreig on the 14th.November 1940. None of my family were injured but my father never really recovered from the fact that his large business, his life's work, was destroyed in one night.

I joined the British Army in 1942 and fought in Normandy, France, Belgium, Holland, right up to the Luneburger Heide for the surrender of the German Army in May 1945.

After that I was in Hackethal, Hanover until I left the army in 1947. I have always retained my interest in Germany and everything appertaining to the effect that that terrible period had on us all.

I came to live in Jerusalem with my wife in 1985 to be able to live a more Jewish life, some 20 years ago, and I am aware that there are so very few of us left with the memories and deep feelings of those war years, that are part of us day and night. It is so imperative that the next generation learn, learn ,learn so that they can teach their children. Not to get guilt complexes, but so such tragedies do not occur again... Sadly many parts of the world are so antisemitic and anti-Israel and my wife Lola and I are working unceasingly to combat this terrible disease.

I was fascinated to read in the Jerusalem Post about 'Breisach das Blaue Haus' and the amazing work you are doing. Bless you for it. I am full of admiration and pray that you will be given the strength and health to continue for many years with lots of willing helpers.

As it is so near Christmas I do wish you and your family

ein Frolische Weinachten and eine Gutes Neues Yahr

and Shalom from Jerusalem

Norman W, Cohen

451/6 Rehov Ha Gome,
Gilo, Jerusalem 93897,


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