The Building

"We need places of tangible remembrance". This phrase was coined by the President of the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament, Peter Straub, at the memorial function on January 27th, 2000, in Grafeneck. This is exactly what prompted the all-out effort of the sponsors' association to acquire the building, this is why we want to keep it and make use of it for Breisach. Only the immediate authenticity of a place - and this is suggested by every experience with memorial facilities - brings history to life and thus makes it possible to learn from it.

View from the Rheintorstraße (formerly Judengasse)

The former Jewish community center
  • Constructed prior to 1691
  • Until 1829 "St. Peter's Inn"
  • 1829 Purchased by the Jewish community of Breisach
  • From 1829 to 1876 Jewish school, temporarily Jewish infirmary for the poor
  • From 1893 to 1898 parts of the Breisach garrison were billeted on the premises
  • Until 1940 Jewish community center and cantor's lodgings. After the destruction of the synagogue it harbored the Jewish community's prayer room from 1938 to 1940
  • 1941 "Sold" to the Gugel Works, Freiburg Establishment of a workshop for military goods

We would like to invite you now for a tour of the building and its surroundings.
The images have a volume of about 200 KB.

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